Also known as No, These Ain’t The Right Lyrics


I’m realizing now that I should mention that we’re singing a song titled “Mister Sandman”, and that we spoke no English at all so we truly believed that’s what they were saying:

Guys, I need your input! Some of you may know that I’m leaving for a three-week comics residency in October (plus an extra week I’m spending in Disney World, heheheh). I’m not really sure if I’ll be able to work on Boumeries there, so I’d like to do them all during September — but I’ll need your help for inspiration.

I want you guys to ask me stuff! Anything! I’ll then choose the questions that inspire me the most for four-panel strips and put those up during October while I’m gone. Use the comment box below, email me, or tweet me any personal questions you may have. Of course, I’ll only answer the questions I deem suitable for comics. Any weird creepy/sexual/intimacy/etc. questions won’t be answered, sorry. I can still have some sort of private life, you know?

Ask away! I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store! And thank you!