Hey there! Long time no see! I’m back here again to post comics all throughout the day, one every hour or so. I decided to do it differently this year and make comics about my very recent trip to Angoulême, France, for the International Comics Festival (I just came back on Monday, still jetlagged!). I figured it was a good way to immortalize some funny anecdotes that happened there. It was my first time in Angoulême, so… enjoy and check back often!

[EDIT] Well, that’s it for me! I’ll now drag my jetlagged butt to bed. The book we keep talking about is my graphic novel La méduse, which is coming out in English as The Jellyfish from Pow Pow Press in May 2024. Please check it out! And for more updates, look out for me on social media or on Patreon! See you soon!