So, uh, I have a bit of a huge announcement for you today? Yeah, you got that right — we found out a couple weeks ago that we were expecting our first child! It’s totally crazy. Most women like to keep that for themselves until the high risk of miscarriage is over (I’m only halfway through that period), but… hey, this comic is the story of my life, right? I want to document this whole insane pregnancy thing in comic form, for me, for us, for this baby, and for you guys. No matter what happens.

Now I know some people aren’t into baby things, and I accept that. I might be pregnant, but I’m still the same silly, self-deprecating comic artist. This pregnancy will be (and has already been) a very good source of comic material and I’m sure I’ll be able to keep you guys entertained for a while. I have no plans of quitting yet.

My point is, things will probably change a little, but I hope you’ll stick with me nonetheless. It’ll be interesting, I assure you!