I edited the comic and re-wrote what was in the first panel. It was pointed out to me that by making the scale say “FAT”, I was implying that I thought that not only was I too fat for normal standards, but that everyone heavier than me automatically was, as well. It is obviously not true. Like most people, I’m struggling with my weight, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not okay with my body. All body types are beautiful and no one should think otherwise. No one should be allowed to judge you based on your weight or the way you look.

I never meant to offend anyone by drawing this silly webcomic of mine, but I understand that by putting my work and my thoughts out there on the web, I’m bound to offend people without knowing and meaning it. If my comic ever makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to email me about it. Sometimes my thoughts aren’t translated as clearly as I hope on paper, misinterpretation occurs, and I have still much, much to learn.