Today is my birthday so I’m totally allowed to be cheesy!

But for those who’re wondering what the hell happened in 2009 — I was in my only other long-term relationship (almost five years), and when it ended, I was shaken quite a bit. Coping with that kickstarted my weight loss, but it wasn’t the only factor: I’d also gotten diagnosed with hypothyroidism and got on meds, which also contributed, and once I’d gotten that kick in the butt I decided to start working out. I lost 60lbs in four or five months. It was (mostly) healthy weight loss, don’t worry. ;)

(And besides, I got to meet Pierre-Luc shortly after, and you know what happened!)

Also: Montreal! I’ll be at the Salon du disque et des arts underground tomorrow March 9th only! I’ll be at the Front Froid table! Come and see me and get comics!


Guess what: I made it past the seeding round in the webcomic tournament! Now I’m matched up against a popular webcomic, so I need you guys’ help to get through this one! Unfortunately you absolutely need a Facebook account to vote (apparently it’s to reduce downtime?), but if you do, please click here, scroll to Round #45 and vote for Boumeries! It’ll ask you to login with Facebook. I’ll be forever grateful if you do! Thank you!