A copy-paste from Wednesday: since the baby will be coming in a month or so (crazy, right), I’m doing a call for guest comics in hopes of having a tiny maternity leave! Just enough so Pierre-Luc and I can adjust to our new life!

Basically, you can submit your own anecdotes or make up stories starring myself. Just try to stay within the usual Boumeries range (video games, toilets, dreams, childhood memories, pregnancy, baby stuff, etc.). The minimum technical requirements are 300 DPI, 3000 pixels wide. If you want to potentially be included in the next book, your comic will have to be translatable, so please make sure I can work on the text (eg. have it on a separate layer).

Deadline is May 1st, but the sooner the better. Once done, email your comic to me. Get your creative juices flowing and thank you so much!