A reminder:

– This week is the last week of full-time Boumeries, folks. Boumeries will end next Monday, February 3rd. I’ll still make more strips for the book versions, but this website will no longer be updated regularly. (I’m sad too, but lots of new projects are waiting!)

– It’s Hourly Comic Day this weekend, on Saturday February 1st! I’ll be updating with a new comic every hour (or, almost– family obligations mean I can’t guarantee I’ll be at the computer all day!).

– There’s still time to vote for me at the Sequential Magazine Awards 2019! Please take two minutes of your time and vote for me in the Best Webcomic and Favourite Cartoonist categories! (I am the only woman cartoonist nominated it looks like…). It’d be such a nice way to end Boumeries. Thank you!!