Well, this is it. The end of my webcomic, after nine years and two days.

That was a wild ride. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I started it, I had no plan, no real goal. Boumeries was an experiment at first, but it became my life for almost a decade. I got so good at writing down anecdotes in four panels that I’m sure I’ll have trouble getting rid of this habit.

But now it’s time to move on. Other comic projects have been waiting for me, and Boumeries has kept me too busy to go forward with them. So it’s not really the end, it’s just… a different chapter beginning.

So, what’s next?

The Boumeries omnibus (in French only, for now) will be published by Glénat Québec, and the first book will be coming out this spring, if all goes well. It’ll contain volumes 1, 2, and part of volume 3, all books that are out of print, so that will be nice. It’ll be hardcover and bigger and magnificent! Hopefully an English version will come soon.

I will be debuting Boumeries volume 10, the last book of the series, at this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival. This is actually what I’ll immediately work on next, because the cover is… ambitious.

When all of this is out of the way, I’ll finally be able to start real work on my next comic project. It’s a 200+ page graphic novel about young adulthood, independence and acceptance, and love. I’m excited and scared all at once!

I’ll keep this website up to date with my convention schedule and news when I can, but you’ll probably want to follow me elsewhere. I’m very active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and I also have a Patreon that I’ll use as a work-in-progress blog for my graphic novel. I’ll be reposting old Boumeries strips on social media at a regular pace, for old times’ sake. I’ve calculated that if I repost five strips a week, I should be done in… six and a half years. ;)

So that’s it. Thanks to Cab for the colours on this final strip, and her help throughout the years. Thanks to Pierre-Luc, Margot and Annette for fueling this weird habit of mine, and for being in my life. Thank you, readers, for following me on this great adventure for nearly a decade. Thank you for the shared anecdotes, for commiserating, for the kind words. Thank you for buying my books, at a convention or otherwise. Thank you for supporting me and my little silly comics, and for making me realize that this is what I want to spend the rest of my days doing. You have changed my life.

Alright. Let’s make more comics!