I rarely go all political on you guys, but what’s happening in Quebec right now needs to be shared. I’m not the best to explain it — in short, students have been striking and protesting against a tuition hike for more than 100 days. To kill the conflict, the government passed Bill 78, a law that restricts freedom of assembly, protest, or picketing for anyone, not just students. To be for or against the tuition hike and the student protests is one thing, but that law violates fundamental freedoms of association, assembly, and expression and has been condemned as one of the worst bills ever passed.

To protest against it, citizens (and not just students!) have been marching in the streets hitting on pans and casseroles every evening, wearing the strike’s red square symbol. The atmosphere in these marches is joyful, festive and friendly. Even the biggest thunderstorm didn’t slow us down!

I’m sorry this comic isn’t as funny as usual, but I just had to pay the protests a little homage. It’s my own little way to show support. <3 For those interested, here is a very thorough article about the protests in the New York Times. Also, this video is absolutely beautiful and illustrates well the casserole marches!


Someone posted an interesting comment about what Bill 78 also did, namely allowing students who want to study back into their schools without clashing with the protesters, and protecting the public by forcing the protesters into giving their itineraries to police in advance.

All I’m saying is this: I’m not trying to shift anyone’s opinion with this comic. I was mainly trying to let people know about the conflict and show support to the protesters. I have obviously sided with the left-wing people, but I don’t necessarily agree with all the protesters’ demands. But I feel there is a need to keep going. I do want this conflict to end more than anything, just not as it is now. There needs to be negotiations.

Feel free to share your opinions below! Not all of us are red, green, white or black.