Margot has eight cousins total from both families, seven of which are girls and only one is a boy. She finds him quite impressive.


So you might not know, but I’ll (hopefully) be giving birth soon enough that I figured it was time to ask a favour of you guys. Like I did in 2013 for my first child, I’d like to collect as many guest comics as I can to allow me to rest after the birth of my daughter and adjust to this new life as a parent of two kids. The guest comics will make 100% of updates for a while, and then I’ll slowly come back to updating once, twice, three times a week… it all depends on how many I end up getting.

So if you like to draw comics and are interested (yay!), here are the guidelines:

– The ideal deadline is February 20th 2016 (assuming the baby doesn’t come early). If you send your guest comic later than that, it’s still okay! Although I might not be checking my email as often then. But anything helps.
– Your comic should be no smaller than 980px wide, on a white or transparent background. Comic strips are preferred but I won’t turn down other formats.
– Please save your files as .PSD, .PNG or .GIF. Although they’d be awesome, animated comics aren’t suggested because…
– …I have to be able to translate your comic to French for the French website. Unfortunately, my version of Photoshop doesn’t allow editing of animated GIFs so that kinda eliminates them right there. If you’d rather do the translation yourself, that’s great! You can show me your original comic and I will provide you with the French text. If not, I’ll either type or hand write the French translation on your comic (I’ll be careful to stay in style).
– Colour is great but obviously not necessary.
Subject matter: journal comics are strongly encouraged. They don’t have to be about myself or my family at all! Feel free to include us if you want, but you can make a comic about yourself or someone you know if you have a funny story to tell. Ideally, you’ll make something within the usual Boumeries themes: dreams, video games, childhood memories, living with a loved one, pregnancy, parenthood, family, toilets, etc…
Please keep it for all audiences. My comic is also read by kids. I get to decide if a guest comic doesn’t make it if I find it inappropriate.
– Your comic shouldn’t be posted anywhere on the web prior to its Boumeries launch, but after that, you’re free to do whatever you want with it — post it on your personal portfolio, Tumblr, social media, sell prints, etc!
– Please send all guest comics to and include your preferred name/pseudo, any URLs I should link to (Twitter, Tumblr, personal website, that kinda stuff). I’ll reply as soon as I can!
– Here is the guest comic tag for inspiration if you want to see what’s been done in the past.

And last but not least, THANK YOU! You have no idea how grateful I am for any help I can get with this, even if it’s just passing the word around. It really means a lot!